Class Descriptions


I have been with HQ since it’s inception well over  25 years ago and I have to admit that I feel like I have the ultimate job! I come to work where everyone is friendly and working on their personal health, mentally and physically. The employees are a big family, many having been here for over a decade. The Fitness Instructors are second to none in the valley, providing dynamic and effective training programs and classes. Come join the fun!

Gail A. Conrads HQ General Manager

Over the years, HealthQuest and my fellow employees have become my second family. HQ is a place I call work, yet, it is a place I can always escape to, leaving the daily grind behind.

Scott Thom HQ Personal Trainer

ABS—A 15 minute abdominal workout!  A great way to warm–up and get your day started.

ADULT SWIM/ LAP SWIM— A coached swim workout for swimmers of all ages and levels. Just show up at the lap pool, let the coach know your level, and swim for fitness.

AERIAL– Come for some Hang Time!  Aerial Yoga and Fitness on aerial hammocks.

AQUA– One hour water exercise program in the pool.

CARDIO DANCE—Move and groove to these patterned dance combinations.

CARDIO CONDITIONING— Hit it hard with hits, kicks, sprints, and various functional drills.

CORE FUSION—A core training class fused with exercises from Pilates, Yoga, back strengthening, abdominal exercises,  balance, and stretch.

EXTREME BARRE—  Ballet to upbeat tunes!  A high paced Ballet/Dance class incorporating ballet barre exercises with classic fitness principles.

FIT BALL—Designed to teach the how and why of trunk stabilization and flexibility training using the balls and mats.

FOCUS & FLEX– This educational program will consist of balance poses followed by 30 minutes of flexibility training.   Many props will be brought into this forum including barres, balls, balance boards, foam rollers and other trigger point tools.

INSANE CORE-   High Intensity Training focused on core strength.

JAM–DANCE DANCE DANCE!  Get ready to rock your body in this fun high energy dance workout!

KICK  —  High Intensity intervals  interspersed with traditional Kick boxing and Martial Arts moves.

FOREVER YOUNG—Focusing on strength, balance and flexibility in the aging adult.

NO LIMITS!  —There are NO LIMITS to what the human body can do! This high intensity interval training class will push you to your personal limits.

ONE HOUR STRETCH— Spend one hour working on flexibility training for the entire body.

POWER CIRCUIT— This interval training program offers work cycles and strength cycles giving the participant  a doable and valuable workout generating sweat and increasing muscular strength. 

POWER SCULPT—The class focus is on muscle strength and endurance using light weights, bands, tubes and various props.


SPIN—Listen to the beat as you take this guided tour on  a stationary bike.   The beauty of the Spin class is your ability to control your ride by using the tension levels you desire.   We guarantee you’ll sweat !

SPIN & POWER CORE 30/30–30 Minute Spin moves right into powerful core moves and a full body stretch never leaving the Cycle Studio!

SPIN & SPORT 30/30–30 Minute Spin followed by 30 minute Conditioning–Every day is different!  Be ready to MOVE!  This is like a mini biathlon– If you ar planning to use cycling shoes, have your tennis shoes unlaced and ready to hop inot because we will be zooming out of the Cycle Studio for a conditioning burst!

SPIN STRONG 45–45 Minutes of Spin Drills.  Git R Done!

SUNRISE BOOT CAMP–Pump up to these early morning drills, circuits and high intensity intervals that force every muscle in your body to WAKE UP STRONG!

YOGA—This ancient art is not just about feeling better, it’s about feeling more. Yoga is an invitation to relax, breathe, and let go. Yoga can build strength, balance, & flexibility in the body and focused awareness in the mind.

  • Yoga—All levels will be addressed in a HealthQuest Yoga class.
  • Yoga Level 2—Yoga for the participant with 6 months experience wanting to work on more advanced poses.
  • Flow Yoga—Flowing movement is synchronized to the breath with poses that move together like a dance.
  • Hour of Power Yoga — One hour vinyasa based practice. Build strength, increase flexibility, and enhance balance as you sweat, stretch, and have fun!
  • Gentle Yoga—A class designed for people who want a slower pace and the extra support of props for added stability and balance. It is suitable for all levels as well as those with specific conditions or injuries.
  • Restorative Yoga—A sequence of nurturing physical poses held for five to fifteen minutes so the body has the
    opportunity to relax and the mind is able to move into a meditative state.

Attention: Our instructors are scheduled 14 days prior to the current week’s schedule. Although the class format will remain the same, the scheduled instructor may change at any time without notice. We hope that you enjoy the diversity and talents of all of our certified instructors.